Soeurs de Marie Joseph et de la Miséricorde
      The life of Mère Saint Augustin

The life of Mère Saint Augustin

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  • 23 October 2013
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Anne-Marie Quinon was the sixth child in a family of small business people. She was born on September 8, 1799, at Saint-Priest, a suburb of Lyons.

At the age of 18, on September 26, 1817, she went to the Saint-Joseph prison and was received like “Charlotte”: she was not yet a member of the Sisters of Saint-Joseph.

She received the habit in April 1820 with the name of Soeur Saint-Augustin. She made her religious profession on October 26 of the same year and continued her work among the prisoners.

In 1835, Mère Saint-Augustinbecame Provincial of the religious of the Prison Section.

In 1841, when this branch separated from the Sœurs de Saint-Joseph to form a new Congregation, the Sœurs de Marie Joseph for the prisons, she installed her Motherhouse in Le Dorat in Haute Vienne and had the new Institute recognized in Rome.

At the request of the government, she multiplied the foundations of communities in prison (35 in 18 years) with untiring activity despite worries of every sort, many which affected her health: financial difficulties, a cholera epidemic, political events (two revolutions), and the rise of anti-clericalism.

In 1857, she asked to be discharged of her responsibility and, two years later, she died at MONTBRISON, in Loire, on August 4, 1859, a few hours before the Curé of Ars. Her body lies in the cemetery in Le Dorat.

1859 - 2009 : 150th Anniversary of Her death

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