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      The Consecrated Life carries in its...

The Consecrated Life carries in its...

S. Inmaculada Fukasawa aci

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  • 29 May 2016
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The Consecrated Life carries in its heart this passion for Jesus and for his people, and like Him, knows that it issent to be mercy, to go out to meet the men and women of our time, those who are distant and those who are near.


" Today, we are called to be the “living memorial of Jesus’ way of living and acting” (VC 22). The Consecrated Life is born from the memory of Jesus and exists in his name. It carries within it the experience of the encounter with Him, and it is the witness of “He who lives” (Lk.24:23). The Spirit has engraved in its heart the words and the actions of Jesus. Therefore,in it one can recognize the Master" .

" The Consecrated Life is the living memorial of those first disciples who followed the
Master through the roads of Galilee. They experienced the poverty and
availability of “he who has nowhere to lay his head” (Lk.9:58); they were not bound by any social ties,and their family was those who “listened to the word of God” (Lk.11:28). They were moved by the same passion that burned in Jesus; the will of the Father and the lot of the least."

" The Consecrated Life is the memorial of that first Eucharist which is repeated not only in each celebration but also in daily self-giving. The Eucharist inserts us into communionof life with Himinsucha way that we live in hisdynamic of self-giving,and not only that, but in communion with Him we receive the gift of communion with all those to whom He gives himself.17The gift of communion becomes mission..."

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