Soeurs de Marie Joseph et de la Miséricorde
    Elderly Sisters

Elderly Sisters

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  • 23 November 2013
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Residence for our elderly sisters
Place of prayer, opened to the parishioners. The community takes part in the activities of the diocese and meets up with different apostolic groups.
Relay for a short stay, for destitutes.

“Make of ones life something beautiful for others.”

5 rue de la Psalette 87 210 Le Dorat FRANCE

+33 5 55 60 71 38

To pray with us:
Morning prayer 8-15 a.m
Eucharist 11-30 a.m (week days)
Evening prayer 6-30 p.m
Eucharistic Adoration Every Friday 5-30 p.m

355 Chemin de Lamourous 33 290 Le Pian Médoc FRANCE

+33 5 56 35 28 39

To pray with us:
Morning prayer 8-30 a.m (Mon, Thues, Thurs, Sat, Sun)
9 a.m (Wed, Fri)
Eucharist 9 a.m (Mon, Thues, Thurs, Sat, Sun)
6 p.m (Wed, Fri)
Evening prayer 5-45 p.m (Mon, Thues, Thurs, Sat, Sun)
5-30 p.m (Wed, Fri)
Eucharistic Adoration Every Friday 4-30 p.m

31 Rue du 11 novembre 1918 94 350 Villiers sur Marne FRANCE

+33 1 49 30 22 69

To pray with us:
Morning prayer 8-30 a.m (Mon, Fri, Sun)
7-30 a.m (T, W, Th, Sat)
Eucharist 11-30 a.m (Mon, Fri)
8 a.m (Tues, W, Th, Sat)
9 a.m (Sunday)
Evening prayer 6-15 p.m
Eucharistic Adoration 5-45 p.m (Mon, Friday)
3 p.m (Friday)

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